André Eiras


André Eiras is a 25 years old Portuguese visual artist specialized in mural painting. Currently, he is attending a master’s degree in Visual Arts Education and works as a youth mediator at the Second Chance School of Matosinhos, the only one in Portugal. This school attends youngsters that are at risk of social exclusion and in situations of early leaving of education and training.

André develops specific artistic individual projects with the youngsters, based on their needs and interests. He brings the Graffiti approach and mural painting to the school universe, exploring abstract and geometric compositions as a way of paint and relating with colors. He has another passion related to the work and studies of tattoo art, exploring, especially, the “Japanese way”. In his work with youngsters, he uses important tools of this methodology and philosophy.

With the students, André is also doing some collaborative experiments in the video making field, building shortcuts, exclusively with cell phones.