Artur Dyro

@ Learnetic S.A.

Artur Dyro is a co-founder of Young Digital Planet (YDP), a leading eLearning company in Europe. He was a Managing Director of YDP for over 20 years, and now after its successful development he has been appointed a President and CEO of Learnetic S.A., an international arm of YDP operating outside Europe. Artur’s current responsibility is the implementation of YDP’s solutions in the regions of Asia, USA and South America, as well as research & development in the field of eLearning.

YDP, employing almost 400 eLearning experts, is a strategic partner for a large number of leading educational publishing houses and Ministries of Education all over the world. On behalf of Learnetic, Artur is directly involved in many national and international scale eLearning initiatives covering the design and development of national scale educational systems, publishing platforms and digital curricula. He has given speeches at numerous events and conferences, such as eLearning Africa, Online Educa, American Educational Ppublishers Summit and Asia Education Leaders Forum.

Artur also served as a member of Steering Committee of International Group of Educational Publishers (IGEP), an organisation that brings together outstanding publishers of dictionaries and materials for teaching and learning in Western Europe in order to advance educational publishing to an optimal quality.

Artur lives in Sopot, Poland. He is married with two children. He is passionate about music and his hobbies also involve astronomy and cosmology.