Big Ant Farm


Education is happening now


We believe in the world of education which is close to human, available for each of us, regardless of age, place of resistance or qualifications.


About us


Big Ant Farm – team of passionates creating games, web and mobile applications bringing user knowledge resources from many fields.

Our tools are simple, intuitive, created in accordance with current trends and adapted to perceptive capability of the target group.

We want to make searching for answers become the pleasure of learning.

We want to free up curiosity in people, desire to explore and deepen knowledge through individual education based on solid and checked sources of information.

We are creating games and applications, which will let to get to know the city, historic fact, natural phenomenon, without puffing up, but with great educational effecy.

Education is happening all the time and it depends on us if it will be valuable and useful.

Let’s teach TOGETHER through fun!